An Air-dried Toothbrush Is A Healthy Toothbrush

An Air-dried Toothbrush Is A Healthy Toothbrush Detroit

Teach kids how to care for their toothbrush to keep their teeth in first-rate condition.

An important thing for Detroit kids to learn is to always allow their toothbrush to completely air dry between uses.

The simplest way to let the toothbrush air dry is by placing it in a toothbrush holder on the counter with the bristles pointing up.

This method of storage is better than sticking it away in a drawer since it will take longer to dry in there.

Also, when you travel, make sure your toothbrush is dry before you seal it away in a travel container.

A good strategy for Royal Oak residents to make sure their toothbrush has ample time to dry is to buy two toothbrushes. Alternate between the two so each has time to fully dry out between uses.

Be sure to replace your toothbrush (or toothbrushes) every 3-4 months, or sooner if you’ve had a cold!

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