The Mark Of The Perfect Dentist

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If you are fortunate to have dental insurance but do not have a regular dentist, it’s time to choose a dentist. And if you haven’t got insurance but have dental needs, perhaps it is time to consider who can meet those needs affordably.

An Educated Dentist

Steven Gustafson, DDS performs fantastic work for patients who visit us from around the Detroit area. Clearly, Dr. Gustafson’s friendly and professional care combined with continuing education and experience will bring stamina and compassion to your dental chair experience. Education is what you should be looking for. Schedule a consultation to learn for yourself at 248-541-8770.

An Experienced Dentist

Our team of dental professionals has been providing valuable services since 1984. Some of our services include dentures, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and dental implants. Patients will note the ease and skill Dr. Gustafson exhibits after performing these procedures successfully many, many times. The experience takes out the guesswork. Visit our website for more information:

An Affordable Experience

It is not in our best interest to scare patients away with overpriced procedures and debilitating payment plans. We are here to serve our friends and neighbors. If you are in the market for affordable dental care, then call us for prices. Quality dental care is an investment in your health and its value cannot be overestimated.

At Gustafson Morningstar Dentistry, it is our desire to charge responsible fees made affordable for our community. Give us a chance to prove our value.

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