Experience Minimally Invasive Dentistry

7We understand why you might have bad feelings surrounding dentistry. It is difficult for anyone to relax through drilling, discomfort, and invasiveness. Many patients end up sacrificing parts of their natural smile while they are receiving dental work, and that unnecessary loss can be painful or frustrating.

Choosing Preventive Dentistry over Involved Procedures

Preventative dentistry is the key to avoiding invasive dental work. We feel strongly about providing preventative dentistry so that you can steer clear of uncomfortable and lengthy procedures.

A cleaning here, a small filling there — it’s much easier and more affordable to take preventative dentistry measures than to undergo extensive dental work.

When you come into our office for a check-up, we will look for ways we can protect your smile from future dental work. We will gently fortify your teeth so that you will never have to be suffer from the pain of tooth decay, gum disease, or invasive dentistry.

A Better Way to do Dentistry

Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Morningstar have discovered a better way to do dentistry. Dental work does not have to be overly invasive or detrimental to your natural smile. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

Our dentists are passionate about minimally invasive procedures. They look at a smile and determine the least amount of dental work possible to preserve and beautify that smile.

Our doctors aren’t here to make extra money on exhaustive procedures that you don’t need. They don’t want to damage your true smile in favor of creating a false one. Instead, their priority is preserving as much of the normal tooth structure as possible.

What is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?

29The practice of minimally invasive dentistry is devoted to preserving the healthy tissue and enamel of your smile. Minimally invasive dentistry is defined “a systematic respect for the original tissue.”

We have noticed that some dentists may not always respect your natural smile. Some practitioners tend to destroy teeth or tissue, even when unnecessary, while improving patient smiles.

Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Morningstar embrace all new procedures and techniques, but their first priority is respecting the healthy tissue during any dental treatment. We will always ensure that you receive the treatment you need, but we won’t overdo it. For example, if a crown is crucial to save your smile, we will place a dental crown. However, if there is a simpler solution available that can safeguard more of the natural tooth, we will opt for that simpler solution.

Get Preventive Dentistry in Royal Oak MI

We hope you are interested in our protective methods. If you would like to learn more about minimally invasive dentistry and preventative dentistry, give us a call today!