Gum Disease Treatment

Treat Gum Disease in Royal Oak

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease refers to the inflammation of your gums—gum disease treatment Madison Heights MI and Ferndale MIthat tissue that surrounds your teeth. The cause of periodontal disease is plaque, a soft and sticky film that coats your teeth. It contains millions of bacteria that need to be removed regularly through brushing to avoid potential problems.

There is an oral systemic link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, as gum disease is associated with several other diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer.

How Do You Treat Gum Disease?

Here at Gustafson Morningstar Dentistry in Royal Oak, we use modular periodontal therapy to treat periodontal disease. Modular periodontal therapy is a non-surgical treatment that includes DNA testing, saliva testing, medications and home care. Developed by Dr. Tommy Nabors, DDS, the No More Hygiene program focuses on full disease prevention and treatment, and not just dental cleaning.

Why Should I Treat My Gum Disease with Modular Periodontal Therapy?

  • Non-surgical | Unlike traditional methods for treating gum disease, there is no surgery, which means you won’t have the discomfort usually associated with treatment.
  • Early intervention | This non-invasive treatment is focused on early intervention, working to address the issue before it becomes a major problem.
  • Convenient | The home care component is convenient, and allows you more control over your own treatment.

treat periodontal disease Royal Oak and Ferndale MIWhat Is the Modular Periodontal Therapy Process?

  • Testing | First, we’ll perform some simple tests to identify your genetic susceptibility and to identify any specific cause. Using these results, we’ll create the perfect treatment plan for you.
  • Treatment | During your treatment, we’ll assuage your gum disease symptoms with a deep cleaning. Once we’ve eliminated your infection, we’ll help you take precautions that will help prevent your symptoms from returning. We may give you specific tips that will help or provide personalized treatment.
  • Maintenance and Follow-ups | We’ll continue to monitor your gum health at subsequent appointments. Our team will help you continue to live gum disease-free and will prescribe further treatment based on your individual needs.

We’ll help you enjoy great oral health again and avoid future issues. You can feel comfortable and love your smile again.

For Drs. Gustafson and Morningstar, keeping you healthy is their top priority. Give us a call and we will get you started on the path of identification, prevention, and treatment if you are in the Royal Oak area, including both Madison Heights and Ferndale, MI.

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